The Holistic Approach.


That's how our services have been designed to either expand or simplify your business.

A circle of collaboration that starts with cloud consulting and then moves to technical support
and talent augmentation.

Our experience has taught us that the best results come about when together, we work
towards long term solutions, rather than continually having short term reactions.

Our DNA is to anticipate problems before they arrive, not after the damage has occurred.

We believe that our responsibility is to share knowledge with your company’s key people
so that they have a better understanding of what, where, how and why.

See how our proprietary tools work on the diagram at right.

We know this works.  Our successful client track record speaks for itself.

Cloud Architecture


A Time of Discovery.

Our Cloud Consulting is the very first, and the most important step in our process.

It helps us to develop a comprehensive roadmap that clearly spells out your longer term
business case as well as a rollout of workload migration and information management.

Simply put :
we gather a clear understanding of whether or not target products meet business needs and
whether or not licensing costs, implementation and on-going support achieve an agreed ROI.

Our cloud consultants, highly proficient in Azure cloud and Microsoft 365, simplify the
process and mitigate risk for your business.

Our unique Discovery Process understands your current internal landscape, your legacy
systems, business requirements and a planned vision for cloud needs in the future.

We know the best road to a profitable future.

Cloud Architecture


Lessons to Profit From

Our experience has taught us some valuable lessons. They revolve around human
connections and everyday assets.

We believe that individuals and human interactions are more important
than processes and tools.

Working software beats comprehensive (read 'complicated') documentation.
Artis Accelerate is designed to achieve fast results where they count.

We target 'bite sized' issues first, keeping disruption to a minimum, problems are
solved / solutions delivered in easily digestible segments.

Accelerate rapid-delivery process lets us prioritise your digital needs, fast deliver
the project and then manage the process of implementing a solution with
the least change management risk.

We understand.  We implement.  We minimise risk.

We know how to rebuild your digital business, faster, for the better.

Cloud Accelerate


The human touch.

Digital transformation fails if the human side of the equation is ignored.

It pays little if your staff, your greatest asset, are left out of the mix.

True business change is driven by people.

As you would expect, Artis Academy is not your traditional training provider.

We enable your staff to use technology in the most effective and intuitive
manner possible

Workshops are collaborative and interactive, giving attendees ownership of the
software and outcomes.

Stories are the most powerful tool for human learning, and scenarios based on
user stories, specific to your business situation, make the software and process
relevant and intimate.

We know how to get the best, out of your best asset.

Artis Academy


Transformation is the key.

We know that a our Lean-Agile approach can’t work for every business.

Procurement restrictions and Project Management Offices can dictate a more
traditional approach. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair.

Artis Assist is able to spec out specific projects based on bespoke or pre-defined
project variations, whether they be Fixed Price or Time and Material. And we offer
on-going value by giving our customers access to our Assist technical team.

Special care is taken of your unique needs through our Concierge, Caretaker and
Essential level service offered for a set level of events and fixed SLA response times,
for fast resolution and technical issues.

We know that every company is not the same.  We transform to your needs.

Artis Assist


An unfair advantage.

Leaders always share their knowledge.

That’s what drove us to create Artis Engage.

Our people offer specific skills for a specific time or project.

We offer a roster of professionals trained in the Artis way, offering curated talents
based on blended skills.

They speak your language so there is no time wasted ‘training up’ or bringing them
‘up to speed’ on your systems or software.

Our model includes Solution Design, Solution Build and Customer Experience.

You can expect best practice knowledge combined with paramount technical skills
and strategic business experience.

In short, our people bring the best interpersonal prowess and technical ability to
every project, no matter how complex.

We know the right way to staff your projects for successful outcomes.

Artis Engage